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Our goat herd includes painted boers, traditional boers and Nubian goats. Our goat selection is constantly changing due to sales and new arrivals.

Coming soon doelings from "Wild Thang" our FB Spotted/ Dappled black & white buck.  Very colorful doelings blacks, chocolates, reds, dapples and heavy paints.  these kids have a heavy color background on top and bottom with strong focus on Spots and Dapples.  Wild Thang has an additional bonus of being very worm resistant which he seems to pass to his offspring.

coming soon: Tootsie Pop- FB tri-color heavy paint.  Beautiful doeling that has just enough white to make her "Super Flashy".  Perfect bite, clean teated, nice length, good bone.                Wild Thang x Tootsie Roll (heavy red paint big volume )  DOB: 2-18-10

coming soon: Strawberry Swirl- FB Dapple doeling "amazing colors" red, grey, brown and white all swirled for a very unique coloring.  I have never seen a doe with these markings before, truly beautiful.  Perfect bite, clean teated, nice length, good bone                                 Wild Thang x Kisses ( chocolate doe who has thrown dapples/ spots)  DOB: 2-17-10               Private Treaty   Free shipping in KY,OH or IN

coming soon: Licorice- Heavy black paint percentage doeling.  Gorgeous doeling with just enough white markings to make her really stand out.  this doeling is what I call a true black with no undertones.  Perfect bite, clean teated, good bone.                                                             Wild Thang x Bonita (spotted big volume doe)  Spots on top & bottom; twin is re/white spotted   DOB: 2-17-10

coming soon: Brown Sugar- FB chocolate paint, very heavy paint "Super Fancy".  Twin is a dapple, put her with the right buck and you should get color galore.  Perfect bite, clean teated, good bone.                                                                                                                               Wild Thang X Kisses (solid chocolate doe who throws dapples/spots) DOB: 2-17-10

Coming soon traditional fancy doelings by "Red"  These doelings are super nice with the added bonus of their sire and dam are very worm resistant.

coming soon: Cloudy Skye- FB traditional fancy doeling.  Very pretty doeling, perfect bite, good length, good bone, clean teated.                                                                                     Red x Cloudy DOB:3-12-10

coming soon: Cloudy Crystal- FB traditional fancy doeling.  Very pretty, perfect bite, good bone, nice length, clean teated.                                                                                                Red x Cloudy DOB:3-12-10