Nubian Goats - Baby Goat Farm

At Baby Goat Farm we rely heavily on our Purebred Nubian herd. Once a doe kids we determine if she nurses or we bottle feed. All our wethers will be nursed on their dam. The bucklings or doelings will be bottle-fed, this will prevent many diseases that the dam can pass on.

Our does will be milked approximately 10 months once they freshen. All our milk is retained. We pasteurize it, then freeze it for future use. If a doe is not a heavy milker, we may keep her an additional year and put her in our Boer-cross program.

Usually the second time they freshen they have more than ample milk for their kids. We cull very heavily and keep only the best does. They most milk heavily, nice size, be able to crossbreed good dams.

Rarely do we have any Purebred Nubians or the Boer-crosses doelings for sale. When we do they will be posted.

Nubian Goat History

The Nubian or Anglo-Nubian, is a man made breed. Crossing common English goats with “exotic” bucks from Africa and India created the Nubian. The Nubian is associated with its long, droopy ears and convex nose.

The name "Nubian" originated in France. In 1911 modifications were made to the standards. In 1913 the standards were again modified. In 1919, the registry began in England, this is when the breed was recognized.

1933 a rule against horned or disbudded animals was a hardship on the Nubian breed. 1896 Nubian type goats were imported to the US, most of these had no impact on the Nubian breed we know today.